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Should Traditional Upholsterers use Tacks or Staples when re-upholstering antique furniture?

The question of whether traditional upholsterers should use tacks or staples when re-upholstering antique furniture is frequently and, often, fiercely debated. So what are the two sides of this argument? Those who are solidly in the Tack Camp argue that all re-upholstery should be authentic and true to the history of the piece of furniture. They argue that staples are a modern invention and should not be used on old pieces of furniture, as to do
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Replacing Wooden Dowels in Chairs

Many furniture pieces tend to fall apart over time. This is especially common of antiques or any furniture, which may bear the brunt of weight, such as chairs. This may be particularly true of chairs with backrests made of dowels. Certainly, when it comes to antiques, the goal is to maintain the unique, aged piece for as long as possible. And as it pertains to more modern day styles of furniture, the goal is to maintain each piece for as long as
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The Antique Piano Bench - Restoration Plans

Many piano enthusiasts and antique lovers entertain the idea of restoring an antique piano bench. Careful attention must be given during restoration to the useful function of the bench including its ability to withstand normal weight. Aesthetic detail must be completed to insure the antique bench will fit with the user's décor and furniture. Typical models available in the 2nd hand buyers market include the organ stool, the traditional upright p
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Exploring Different Styles of Antique Chairs

There are several styles of antique chairs that are good collection items. These are chairs that are over 100 years of age. An antique item has to be 100 years old for it to be termed as antique. There are places where antique item including furniture that are sold to collectors. These are online antique sites and antique fairs where collectors converge to view and trade their collections with one another. If one has the eye for spotting antique
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Antique Club Chairs

Club Chairs get their name from the comfort furniture used in the erstwhile Gentlemen's clubs where men smoked cigars and hanged out with their friends. Now this term describes a leather chair with raised arms and a thick cushion. These Gentlemen's clubs furnished the premises with these comfortable club chairs so that their patrons get the most of their pastime and leisure. In residences they serve as perfect accent chairs for bedrooms or any ot
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The Sophisticated Craftsmanship of Antique Chinese Swords

Being the arms for possibilities lethality, swords entail care and respect. Reconstructed from the weapons of the grand kings, antique Chinese swords embody the exceptional craftsmanship of sword making that brilliantly demonstrate the knowledge of sword smiths of the China Imperial. Antique Chinese swords are primarily embellished with exquisite and gorgeous silver and gold inlay on the covering, which is suggestive of inventive motifs as well a
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Antique Wooden Chairs Look Nice In Design And Very Comfortable

Antique wooden chairs are available in a wide assortment of shapes, styles and designs. Antique wooden chairs are noted for the workmanship all the way through numerous continents. A wood chair is called antique when it becomes old piece of furniture yet in a very good state. The furniture should possess special value attributable to its age. Such chairs possess either embellishments or aspects that illustrate wide variety of excellent artistry.
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Information On The Bergere Style Of Chairs

To start with, let us first know what a Bergere chair is. The chair is a huge armchair, a little different from the usual armchairs. It is of French origin and was originally manufactured in the French Regency period. After that, they became popular all over Europe. These days you will find the bergere chair in every house following a French theme as it is strongly associated with French Decor and style. Not only that, these days they are even f
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Barber Chair - Another Great Chair

These days, an antique barber chair is no longer confined in the premises of the traditional barber shop. With its intricate and high-quality wooden carvings and metalwork, it can be a beautiful piece that can put character and richness into your house. For antique lovers, an antique chair from a barber store is surely a fantastic addition for your collection. It had been not till the early 1800's that corporations started to come out and create
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Guide To Antique Chairs

An antique chair can bring a unique decorative touch to your home without a big price tag. But transforming a worn-out piece into the treasure you see underneath takes a little time and just a little knowledge. Stripping The first step is to strip off all the old finish adhering to the wood of the antique chair. Now, some antique dealers will say to never strip off a finish. But logically, if a piece is in awful shape, you have got to do
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How to Spot Egyptian Antique Furniture

Egyptian men used two types of chairs. The first type was made of wood with a slight curved inwards seat. This design was probably to make for more comfortable sitting. This type of chair was built with three wooden legs, which curved outwards. The chair was of a simple design and purposely built for long term use. It could withstand constant daily rough treatment. This type of chair could easily be placed in a present day kitchen, and would not
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Buy French Antiques and French Furniture at Brownrigg Interiors, antiques shop in Tetbury, UK

Brownrigg Interiors is one of the best antique shops outside London, according to the Tattler magazine. Brownrigg Interiors has been the subject of many press and magazine articles in Britain such as the The World of Interiors, The Times, The Telegraph, Homes and Gardens and many more.

Brownrigg Interiors and antiques shop is based at Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England with other antiques and interiors showrooms in London and Petworth, W
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Shopping for Barber Chairs

Today, an old-fashioned barber chair is not confined in the premises of a traditional barber store. With its elaborate and high-quality wood carvings as well as metalwork, it is a beautiful piece that may put personality and richness into your home. For antique lovers, an old-fashioned chair from the barber shop happens to be a great addition to your selection. It was not before early 1800's that businesses started to emerge and produce their own
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Rejuvenate An Old Chair With Rocking Chair Cushions That Will Also Add Comfort For A Remarkably Relaxing Sitting Experie

The common perception of many people when it comes to a rocking chair is that it is made out of hard wood and usually sturdy looking. Others find it adoring and homey if they have a rocker in one corner of their house. An antique rocker will never go to storage or disposal because there are now rocking chair cushions with modern designs, which will make an old chair just fitting to a modern interior. Sitting in a rocking chair after a tiring day
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Stylish and Comfortable Nursing Chairs for Babies

Nursing chairs are essential items for any parents with young babies. Although nursing chairs can be used in a conservatory, a lounge, or a sitting room, they are normally placed in the baby's bedroom. Providing a lovely, comfortable and private space for you to feed the baby, nursing chairs are exceedingly relaxing and effortlessly snug! The padded armrest and high backrest combine brilliantly with the soft, cushioned seat to give the occupant
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Antiques Continue To Overwhelm People

Antiques are generally regarded as any item that is old and a collectible. The antiques have gained importance and popularity because of few prominent factors. These factors are rarity, age, their present condition, usefulness and the essence of a lost era. The antiques generally include objects, which are from specific era and carry the distinguishing features of that particular era. The age or civilization to which the antique belongs is a very
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The Fascinating World of Antique Chairs

This article has been written because of a growing interest that people have in all things old. There is more than one way to create a chair. And if we are talking about antique chairs that date far back into human existence, then we can expect to be faced with styles and designs from more than just a measly number. The concept of chairs was first introduced in the late 1600s, during which the Pilgrims from Holland created a sort of joint stool
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The History of Antique Wheelchairs

Modern wheelchairs are lightweight, customizable, and available for sports, battery-operated and constantly being improved. In spite of the modern feel of wheelchairs, they have been around in one form or another for much longer than most people would guess. Probably from the time that wheels were invented and the time that chairs were around, it was natural that the two would come together. If that seems like an exaggeration, then read on about
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The qualities of Amish made dining room chairs

Whether matching your high calibre Amish dining room table or replacing inferior dining or kitchen chairs, Amish dining chairs are your best investment. There is no other piece of furniture that we expect more from than our chairs. We plop down on them, drop food on them and yes, even stand on them. The quality of joinery and the process of production is imperative or your investment will be a loss in a few years of normal every day use. The Amis
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What Makes a Victorian Chair Elegant and Sylish Even Today

Whenever we talk of the elite Victorian Chairs, we have an undying image of the queen sitting on one of these classy seats and having her breakfast in a peaceful locale. Now, at present, the scene is no longer a reality and times have changed at a speed which can well be compared to the space age. Nonetheless, the undying legacy of the elite Victorian Chairs never fails to haunt the living rooms of the rich and famous, who simply love to boast of
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