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Enabling you find the match for your incomplete set of antique chairs.

The Antiques Chair Exchange, begun in 1999 offers the opportunity for people to locate antique chairs to complete their sets, and likewise to sell odd chairs to those looking for specific designs, styles and periods.

Large sets of antique chairs have, over the years, been split and given away, often the process of inheritance. Sometimes chairs are damaged, broken or lost. Finding a matching chair or two to complete a set can be nigh on impossible, searching through the stocks of Antique Dealers can be a long, time consuming and often fruitless endeavour. It is also more likely that the desired antique chair is in the possession of an individual rather than an Antiques Dealer.

Sets of antique chairs, in particular antique dining chairs are worth far more than the cumulative value of the individual chairs. Often too dealers, with limited space, are less interested in carrying individual chairs in stock than complete sets.

The Antique Chair Exchange offers the facility to place a Wanted advertisement for a desired chair, complete with photographs. Also to advertise individual antique chairs, part sets and indeed complete sets for sale.

If you are interested in placing a wanted ad, or to advertise your chair or chairs for sale, please see our Add your antique chair page.

Wanted: Lovely oak chair stuffed seat and back
Lovely oak chair stuffed seat and back
Ref No. 824
We have 5 of these chairs and are looking for up to 3 more but happy to buy singly.

They have carving on the tops and legs.
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For Sale: An Elegant Rosewood Victorian Armchair with Button Back c1860
An Elegant Rosewood Victorian Armchair with Button Back c1860
For Sale
Ref No. 772
An Elegant Rosewood Victorian Armchair with Button Back c1860

Stock Code CE120

This fabulous chair is of a very high quality. It is made from Rosewood and the patina of the wood is beautiful. The chair is solid and very heavy indeed .There is some attractive carving and the legs retain their castors.

It is has been upholstered in a dark green velour which although has no wear has some pulls in the fabric. It may benefit from
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