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About the Antique Chair Matching service

The Antique Chair Matching service was started by Peter Elliott in 1999. Peter runs his own business as an antique furniture restorer working for the trade, museums as well as private clients. He trained at The London College of Furniture as has 13 years experience. He teaches antique furniture restoration at three educational institutions.

As restorers they were constantly asked to find chairs to complete or expand sets, as well as requesting to make chairs to complete sets. Original large sets of dining chairs have often been divided up into smaller sets. The probability of finding chairs to makeup or complete large sets is difficult to near impossible through the conventional means of auction houses and antique dealers.

And so the Antique Chair Matching Service began.

In late 2007 the website and the antique chair exchange has been purchased by John Walker. With plans to develop the site further and expand upon its services. John Walker has trained as French Polisher within the family business; A&C Walker French Polishers. Undertaking both training and the restoration of numerous antiques. With the onset of rheumatism, John Walker retrained to work in the field of website design.

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