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Information On The Bergere Style Of Chairs

To start with, let us first know what a Bergere chair is. The chair is a huge armchair, a little different from the usual armchairs. It is of French origin and was originally manufactured in the French Regency period. After that, they became popular all over Europe.

These days you will find the bergere chair in every house following a French theme as it is strongly associated with French Decor and style. Not only that, these days they are even found with other styles. Modern styles mix and match different decors and come up with a mixture of styles.

A Bergere chair can be used at such times to increase the sense of style. These chairs can be bought not only from furniture stores but also from antique stores. Of, course you can buy them online too.

Let us now see what separates these chairs from the usual armchairs. To begin with, a bergere chair has an upholstered back as well as an upholstered seat. The seat is mostly a huge, loose cushion. Not only are the back and seat upholstered, even the arms of the bergere chair are!

The frame of the chair which is wooden and this is exposed. This wooden frame is usually carved but to add some sense of style to it, it may also be decorated to give it an ornamental look. The most common type of design or say, look, for these chairs is the floral look. It has lots of curves and twists in the wooden frame. A matching stool or ottoman goes perfect with it and usually they are displayed together.

There are plenty of options with the wood of the bergere chair. You can simply leave it untreated or get it painted, stained or gold leafed. If you like antique, old age stuff, you can give your wood that kind of look too. It will look great in a room that itself is unique and antique.

Coming to the seat of these chairs, the fabric used is generally silk but that may be altered too. The chair is always large with a lot of room and is stuffed greatly to make it even more comfortable and inviting.

A bergere chair can be single or come with a matching couch too. They are generally fixed in one place and can't be moved around. You can commonly find two or three of these chairs lined up together for people to socialize or for guests. You can order or customize your own designs according to your desire.

Necessary changes can always be made on the bergere chair. Repairs can also be made from time to time like treating the wood or repainting it. Services for repairs are available in plenty.

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