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Antiques are generally regarded as any item that is old and a collectible. The antiques have gained importance and popularity because of few prominent factors. These factors are rarity, age, their present condition, usefulness and the essence of a lost era. The antiques generally include objects, which are from specific era and carry the distinguishing features of that particular era. The age or civilization to which the antique belongs is a very useful and a prominent factor in determining the value of that particular piece.

Antiques are those articles which have been crafted very aesthetically. They have a certain measure of craftsmanship and art in them. Antiques are generally found during excavations, diggings or can be passed as heirlooms. They are objects that range anything from a simple desk to a complex automobile. Antique shops house such antiques found. These invaluable items are then passed down as estate. Antique dealers, auction services, web bidding's are the places where these items can be purchased. A special Confederation of Art and Antique Associations (CINOA) has been created to provide recognition to 5000 dealers across about 19 countries of the world.

An object is classified as an antique when it remains undamaged for a long period. Its value is determined based on its age, appeal and how the society accepts it. Items which are at least about 100 years old are termed as antiques. Vehicles, tools, vases, articles of daily use such as desks, make up kits, ornaments, bottles, clocks, cameos and many more, even furniture can be antiques. Genuine and valuable pieces belong to this group.

From the word antique, another word called antiquing as been derived. It means the process of shopping, recognizing and bargaining for invaluable items. These items can be purchased for a variety of purposes such as gifting, enhancing the collection, personal use or as in the case of dealers and shop keepers.

Antiques make up for a variety of articles. Furniture is a very important one of them. It includes tables, chairs, sofas, bureaus, chests, desks and many more such items. These items are from different types of wood namely, mahogany, oak, pine, walnut and rosewood. A number of styles and patterns of such furniture can be found.

The other antique items that can be purchased are books which belong to the past eras and carry a lot of knowledge and importance. Antique tools are also a part of the antique shops. They include the tools used by man in ancient times. Clocks also play an important role. A number of antique cocks are on sale. These include grandfather clocks, water clocks, long case clocks and many more. Antique bottles also come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.

Beautiful and delicate antique and ornaments are also a part of antiques. These pieces of include a number of metal jewelry as well precious and semi precious stones which look very splendid. These items are created using a lot of craftsmanship and hard work. Automobiles, vehicles and engines also make up for the term antiques. Dodge trucks, simple flying objects etc. are included in this category.

Antiques attract a lot of buyers because of their rarity and immense value. They have a found a place of prominence in the living rooms, shops, stores and museums. People all over the world are interested in these articles. This shows how important and expensive these items are. Antiques are some items which will never ever lose their charm and will continue over whelming people.

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